The Story Behind Revved

Revved Guitars are custom built by me, Jason Hallett, out of a Northern California garage

I started building guitars for fun when I was 12 years old (a long time ago - and admittedly, they were not good at all)

Then one day in 2006, I went to go grab my strat, and my cord had a short... which I only realized after I changed the dead active pickup battery.

Frustrated, I just grabbed my acoustic, and then it hit me... why doesn't the guitar on the stand just stay charged, like my electric toothbrush, and why isn't it wireless?

So I filed for a patent (which was granted) on a system that would use inductive charging to charge not only the pickup battery, but an internal wireless module, or any other onboard effects, while it sits on the stand.

Since I couldn't really find guitar companies interested in the idea (not that I tried really hard), I just decided to start building quality guitars for those that want the freedom of being wireless, and the ability to use onboard technology without constant battery headaches... A Revved Guitar.

Today, I still occassionally make guitars for people, as a creative outlet, and a lifelong passion. Not all of them are wireless, or use inductive charging, as they should be whatever the customer wants.

If you're interested in one... click the Facebook link and drop me a note... or e-mail me at jhallett@ the website address.